Monday, August 26, 2013

Sweet and simple stripes and flowers

Hi lovelies!

I've been going through a little bit of a rough patch in my life. I'm at crossroads with a lot of things and I feel like life will be changing a lot over the next few months. I'm sorry if I haven't been posting as often on my IG and on my blog but I haven't had motivation recently. I'm hoping that getting back into nail art will help relieve my stress and forget about my troubles, at least momentarily.

Here are some pictures of a recent manicure I did using polishes by The Face Shop. The colours were GR501 (mint green), OR205 (peachy coral), and PK102 (pink), with a base of Nina Ultra Pro French White.

I used striping tape to tape off lines and dotting tools to fill in the spaces and to do the flowers. 

These cute little knuckle rings were from my sweet friend Thary (IG@thary_xoxo)

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