Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Indie Polish Wishlist

Hello lovies!

I saw on Instagram recently, a tag about your most wanted indie polishes. There are so many polishes on my wish list. Here are some that have come to mind. 
1. Liquid Sky Lacquer Blue Daiquiri (picture source:
2. Any polishes from Wicked Polish Pestilence collection, especially Pox or Hematoma (picture source:
3. PolishMeToGo Pastel Mini Glow in the dark polishes (picture source:
4. Emily de Molly Girl's Best Friend 
5. Emily de Molly Bo Peep
6. Emily de Molly Sakura
7. Emily de Molly Hole In the Sky (picture source:
8. Polished By KPT Smardy Collection Blue Cruiser and Glow in the dark Smardy
9. Polished By KPT Blue Is Beautiful (picture source:

There's also an upcoming collection by Lacquer Lust featuring holographic polishes inspired by the birthstones of each month. They are absolutely gorgeous and if I get some extra money over the next few months, I'm gonna put some aside so I can order these.
(Picture source: Instagram@lacquerlust)
Since I started using Instagram, I have been introduced to so many independent polish makers and I have been impressed with the quality and customer service I have received. I have been able to purchase some polishes by Polished By KPT, Emily de Molly, Tryst Lacquers, and Gloss N Sparkle and have been completely surprised at how high quality the polishes are. I look forward to introducing you guys to some new up and coming polish makers in the future and hope you will take the opportunity to purchasing some for yourselves. Their combinations are unlike anything you will find in the store and several polish makers also take custom orders where you can design your own polish.
Help support these indie polish entrepreneurs and embrace their creativity!

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