Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Liquid Sky Lacquer Review "Teal It Like It Is" and "Fuchsia Illusion"

Hello Lovelies!

I couldn't wait for my previous mani to chip off before I used the new Liquid Sky Lacquers I received yesterday. I had to try the thermals right away because I've seen so many people showing off thermals on Instagram and I've been so curious to see if they really change colour.
I did a simple mani with chevron and glitter accent nails. The glitter nail was done with Finger Paints Sparkle and Snowflake with OPI

First picture is when my nails were cold.
Teal It Like It Is is a beautiful holographic blue-green polish when cold and changes to light bluish-silver with warmth. It is such a unique colour and unlike any other holo I own.
Fuchsia Illusion is perfect purple holo when cold that shifts to pink when warm. The colour change in this polish is amazing and is sensitive enough to change with regular temperature changes in your hands. If you have longer nails, the tips will be purple while the nail bed is pink from your body heat to create an awesome gradient.
It was so, so fun playing with these polishes and can't wait to see the changes when I go outside. 
This picture shows the transition from cold to warm.
This photo is when the polishes are warm. This changed from my natural body heat.
I'm so excited to have these beauties in my life. Big big thanks to Instagram@whimsicalcolor for sending me these spectacular polishes. Visit her page for details on how to purchase these babies:

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