Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Super Bros Nails!

Hi sweethearts!

Hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of summer!
I just wanted to share a recent manicure I did featuring Mario and Luigi.

When I was younger, my favourite thing to do was to play Super Mario Bros on my Nintendo. Now, I'm probably older than a few of you so you may not know that Nintendo used to be a gray, black, red, and white box like this:
(Source: Nintendo.wikia.com)
The system and Mario have evolved a lot since then.
(Source: humandictionary.deviantart.com)
For the design, I went a little simpler by just showcasing the characters upper portion. I used Color Club Blue Heaven as the base since the holographic polish is fun and futuristic, like a video game. I used acrylic paint by Craft Smart which you can purchase at arts and craft stores like Michaels. 
I often get asked if I paint both hands and how do it do it. I'm not ambidextrous but I can paint simple designs with my left hand. It takes a little longer than painting my left. I'm trying to practice more with my left hand so that the designs will be more consistent.
I had a lot of fun with this design and am hoping that you like it too!

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