Monday, August 05, 2013

Spun Sugar Tutorial!

Hello lovelies!
Hope you are having a fantastic day so far. It's a long weekend for us in Canada so I have some time to post a tutorial for you all!
This technique has been termed "spun sugar" or "yarn" mani. 
To me, it looks a little like a Bill Cosby, coogi sweater a la Notorious B.I.G 
Nonetheless, it's very eye catching and unique and can be done with a variety of different colours. :D
You will need 4 colours of nail polish and a dental floss holder for it. You can get those at your local drug store or Walmart. They also make flossing your teeth a lot easier.
1. Paint your nail completely with one of the colours you want to use. Let it dry fully or use a fast drying top coat.
2. Apply a generous glob of nail polish to a piece of wax paper or tin foil. 
3. Dab your flosser in the nail polish, trying to get a good amount on the string.
4. Rock the flosser over your nail to create lines. You can also dab it on to make shorter lines or fill in smaller spots.
5. Wipe off any excess polish from the flosser with tissue. Repeat step 2, 3, and 4 with another colour.
6. Repeat with a third colour.
7. If you happen to put some lines you don't like, go over them with your base colour polish with the flosser.
8. Using a cotton bud or clean up brush (an old make up brush you aren't using anymore), dip into some nail polish remover to clean up your cuticles and finger from any remnants of polish. 
Do not apply a top coat to this unless it is completely dry. Otherwise, the top coat will blend the lines together and you won't have this textured look.
I hope you guys try out this look! You can use so many different combinations of colours. Maybe try an ombre with different shades of pink, or a rainbow, or even your favourite sports team's colours! Happy painting!

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