Saturday, February 14, 2015

Simply Peel Latex Barrier

Hello lovelies!

I hope you're having a great Valentine's Day! I love hearts and I love pink so even though I don't love Valentine's Day, I still have lots of V-Day designs on my Instagram page. 

Today's post features a brand new product that I was so excited to try! It's called Simply Peel and it's a liquid latex barrier that has 2 purposes. It is a protector of live skin cells when using chemical cuticle removers and is a barrier around your nail to minimize clean up when doing messy nail techniques like sponging on gradients or water marbling. (Note that this product is not recommended for those with allergies to latex.)

Simply Peel is produced by Bliss Kiss, the company that makes Pure Oil, the best cuticle oil I have tried. Founder Ana Seidel uses high quality ingredients in her products and does a lot of research to ensure that her products are top notch. More information on Bliss Kiss products can be found here:

When using chemical cuticle removers, ideally you do not want the remover to affect live skin cells and only to remove the hang nails and dead cuticles. By applying the Simply Peel around your nail bed, it protects the live skin cells.

Simply Peel can also be used to when doing messy nail design techniques that normally require you to clean up excess polish on your finger. Methods like sponging on gradients, stamping, and water marbling often result in polish all over your finger and cleaning it up can be a big task. Having a protective barrier around your nail helps reduce how much clean up is required because you'll be able to peel off most of the excess. I used this in my last nail design. 

Here's how I used it. First I applied the Simply Peel around my nail.

As per Simply Peel's instructions, I allowed the material to dry for 90-120 seconds before moving onto the next step. You'll know the barrier is dry when it becomes clear and the glitter is visible. I love this indicator!

Then you can do your messy nail technique. I used the Saran Wrap method. Full tutorial is on my YouTube channel. 

To remove the latex barrier, carefully peel it away with tweezers or your fingers.

You're left with little to no polish on your finger. It's much easier to remove a small amount around your nail than your entire finger.

I've tried a few liquid latex barriers and this one is one of the best because of its ease of application with the wider brush and even easier removal. 

The price point also makes this one a must buy. A 15mL bottle retails for only $11.99 plus shipping. Some brands sell their liquid latex for over $20 for a small bottle. I highly recommend Simply Peel. It is very easy to use and super helpful!


  1. Love this review and the pictures are awesome! I'm so happy you love it as much as I do! ~Ana

    1. Thanks so much Ana! It's such a great product! Imiss honored to have been one of the first to try it. xoxo!

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