Monday, February 02, 2015

China Glaze Gelaze Diva Bride

Hello friends!

So if you're like me and you live in a place that has cold winters, then you may have dry, brittle nails that break easily. I had to shorten my nails down to nubs because of the breaks I was getting. I decided to slap on some gel polish to try to protect them from breaking. 

I used China Glaze Gelaze in Diva Bride and an accent nail of Fairy Dust.

I applied 3 coats for this opacity and cured the polish under a UV light for 2 minutes after each coat. 

After 7 days, this is how my left hand looked:

The polish held up pretty well.

But I did lose a polished nail on my right hand after 5 days.

The entire nail came right off lol. I've been researching why this happens and here are some reasons:
1. My light not being strong enough and I may need to cure the gel longer than the regular 2 minutes
2. My natural nails may release oils and cause the polish to separate
3. Lighter colours are easier to cure than darker colours. The Fairy Dust nail was definitely stuck on and needed more work to remove it
4. The layers of polish were too thick and did not cure fully between layers 
5. The gel itself may not be high quality and just doesn't cure properly

I did notice that by day 7, the sides of the polish did start to lift and I was able to remove most nails by peeling them off instead of using acetone. 

Overall, I was happier with Diva Bride than I have been with other gel polishes I own. I have some that popped off the next day! Boo to that wasted time! At least these lasted a full week.

A key thing to remember is that after removing any polish, you'll want to treat your nails and cuticles with some cuticle oil or balm to help restore the moisture. I used Simply Pure Hydrating Oil by Bliss Kiss.

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