Thursday, February 05, 2015

ThumbsUp Nail Wraps Roco

Hi lovelies!

In today's post, I have a review of some nail wraps by ThumbsUp Nails

These wraps are fun and very easy to use. There's so many different designs available. They are produced in the UK. The first one I tried out is called Roco and it resembles a tribal pattern.

They come with several sizes in a pack so that you can best select a wrap that fits each nail perfectly.

This pattern is so unique and funky. I love the colours and the stripes add some dimension to it. 

Because I have smaller nail beds, I was able to conserve my wraps and cut them in half to fit 2 nails. Opened packs of wraps can be saved for 2 months so I'll be able to use them another time. They can be removed from your nail using polish remover or peeling them off. They adhere well so I was able to keep them on for a few days. Please visit their website for more information on these eye catching nail wraps!

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