Sunday, August 04, 2013

Colour Block Tutorial :)

Good day sweethearts!
Here's a tutorial for how to do colour block nails! There's 2 ways to fill in the colours, either with a dotting tool or with a paint brush. 

1. You will need white nail polish, striping tape, 4 different colours of nail polish, and dotting tools. For the striping tape, you can order it off of ebay or you can make your own by cutting thin strips of scotch tape. You will need 3 pieces of tape for each nail.
2. Paint your nail completely with white nail polish.
3. Wait for the polish to fully dry or use a fast drying top coat, then apply the striping tape. One piece of tape will go down the middle of your nail vertically and the other two on the sides horizontally.
4. Put a glob of polish on a piece of wax paper or tin foil. Use your dotting tool to dab some polish on the tool.
5. Dab the polish on one of the segments of the nail. I recommend using this technique for parts closest to the cuticle to allow for easier application when trying to avoid getting polish on the finger.
6. For the segments at the tip, I recommend using the polish brush to apply it.
7. Apply the next colour closest to the cuticle, with the dotting tool.
8. Apply polish in last segment with brush if closest to the tip.
9. Carefully remove the striping tape to reveal the white lines that separate the segments. Wait for the polishes to dry completely then apply a top coat to protect your design. I added a spectraflair top coat by Hits Specialita over top to give it a little extra umph! :D

I hope you find this tutorial helpful and will give it a try! It's so versatile because you can use any colours you want. Try a pastel colour block, ombré colour block (with different shades of the same colour), or whatever your favourite colours are at the moment! Happy painting, lovelies!

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