Friday, August 16, 2013

Ombré chevron tutorial!

Bonjour mes amies!

I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with the talented Trendy Polish (Instagram@trendypolish) and we did a matching twin manicure. We decided on a chevron mani made with an ombré of different shades of coral. I absolutely love coral for the summer. It's such a fun, bright colour. 
We added accent nails of gold polish. I love how Nimrah added gold glitter polish to hers. It's so sparkly and girly. Very, very pretty! 
You will need the following items:
In the picture, I used the gold holo as the base but this tutorial was done with a white base. The base will dictate what colour the striping of the chevrons will be. You can either do the chevrons on a couple of fingers or on all of them.
Here's the tutorial for the chevrons. 
You will need to cut your striping tape into half an inch pieces. You will need 6 pieces per nail. Put the tape to one side. Then you will apply your base colour. Apply a fast drying top coat and wait for the polish to dry completely. This is very important because you will be applying striping tape over it and do not want to pull off any polish. Once your nails have dried, you will apply on strip of tape on half the nail on an angle. Then apply a strip on the other side of the nail with it pointing in the opposite direction, forming a V shape. Continue this until you form 3 V tape shapes.
1. Put some of the lightest colour on a piece of wax paper or tin foil and dab some onto a dotting tool. Dotting tools can be purchased at beauty supply stores or online, or
2. Using the dotting tool, fill in the first segment closest to the cuticle. Don't worry if you get polish on your finger. This can be easily cleaned up after you are done.
3. Apply the next colour, one shade darker than your first colour.
4. Fill in the next segment using the dotting tool. Do this again with the next shade.
5. For the last segment closest to the tip, you can use the dotting tool like above or you can fill it in with the brush.
6. Now that all segments are filled in, remove the tape carefully. You can use tweezers to remove it for better control and to avoid messing up the nails on your other hand.
Once the tape has been removed, wait for a few minutes then apply a top coat to protect the design. If there's any polish on your fingers or cuticles, use a cotton swab or make up brush dipped in polish remover to remove it. 
This technique can be used in many different ways. You could try with other colours like shades of aqua to teal or rainbow or your favourite colours at that moment. I hope you give this a try! Please comment below on any other techniques you'd like to see tutorials for and please follow my blog for more reviews, tutorials, and nail art.

Update: today on my Instagram I collaborated with the awesome Trendy Polish to do another ombré chevron mani. This time we used shades of green with gold accents. 

Love how pretty this design is, but love even more how simple it is to do. I hope you give it a try! xoxo

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  1. This is so CUTE! I did a re-creation on my blog but it's nowhere near as beautiful and perfect as yours! <3