Sunday, August 10, 2014

Trust Fund Beauty Classic Cash

Happy Sunday Funday!

So my week long vacation is coming to an end. It went by so fast! Why doesn't the work week ever go that fast??

Anyways, I can't change the inevitable so I might as well move onto something more fun: nail polish! Today I'll be featuring another beauty from Trust Fund Beauty's Fall collection, Classic Cash, a dark sparkly emerald green.

Trust Fund Beauty is an independent Canadian company which combines fun, classic, fashionable colours with flirty, no nonsense names like Do You Know Who My Father Is and Rich Bitch. Their polishes are free from harmful toxins (5-free) and vegan friendly. More information on how to get some Trust Fund Beauty in your life can be found here:

Classic Cash is dark metallic green with shimmer throughout.
Application was a dream and I was able to use two easy coats for this mani.
It's dark and mysterious but the sparkliness of the shimmer sets it apart from other green polishes.
The more I look at it, the more I love it! It's so rich and lush!!

I added some gold accents to bring out the gold shimmer in the polish.
The gold I used is OPI Love Angel Music Baby which dries matte. I added a top coat in the next photo so that it's glossiness could match the shininess of Classic Cash.

This fall collection has slayed me the sparkly, metallic colours. I can't wait to see the entire collection which Trust Find Beauty will be releasing in September!

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