Saturday, August 16, 2014

Something different but ah-maz-ing: Lancôme Grandiose

Hello beautiful people!

Today I have something a little different to show you, a gorgeous luxury mascara by Lancôme, Grandiose! More information on Lancôme products can be found here:

I received this mascara free of charge from Influenster to try and review. 

When I received the delivery, I was blown away. The packaging was beautiful and really showcased the mascara.
The mascara itself is actually a thing of beauty. I couldn't believe how pretty the bottle is.
The packaging alone screams luxury. Lancôme has always shown that they pay attention to every detail with their products. The Classic Lancôme Rose is visible in the cap of the bottle.
The actual brush for the mascara is unlike any other brush I have ever used. I wear mascara daily and have tried many types, from drugstore brands to department store ones. Lancôme's Grandiose mascara is unique and revolutionary. The brush handle has a bend in it to allow for easier application of the inner and outer corners of the eye.
The tiny plastic bristles reach almost every lash on your eye.
It looks a little intimidating when you first see it but thankfully Lancôme pays attention to the customers' needs and provides you with a pictorial and written instructions as to how to apply the mascara.
I followed the instructions and applied the mascara as written. It took a little bit to get used to it at first but after applying the first coat, I got the hang of it. Here's how it looks on one eye. You can see the change in length and volume. It defines each lash and separates them to provide a wide eyed, noticeable appearance.
And here's both eyes! I did use an eye lash curler to add some more pizazz.
It is absolutely fantastic and unlike any other mascara I have tried. The added bonus is that it lasts all day without any smudging and holds it shape from morning to night. 
My lashes are as straight as my hair and tend to not be able to hold a curl, but Lancôme's Grandiose was able to stay curled and defined all day long. From the packaging to the bristles on the brush, Lancôme has created a beautiful mascara that is unlike any other.
Look at how happy this mascara has made me!
Thank you Lancôme Canada and Influenster for allowing me the privilege of being one of the first to try Grandiose. It is a great product and revolutionizes mascara.

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