Sunday, August 24, 2014

piCture pOlish Insta/Blogfest 2014!

Hello lovelies!!

A few of months ago, piCture pOlish announced that they were accepting applications for their annual Blogfest and I sent in my application, with all of my fingers and toes crossed that I'd be chosen. Fast forward to today and I have the honor of announcing that I am participating in this year's Insta/Blogfest!!

piCture pOlish is an Australian based company that produces innovative, fashion-forward, and cruelty free nail polishes. Their polishes are non-toxic, chip resistant, and come in a wide array of colours. I love the attention to detail with cute descriptions above the polish name on the bottle. More information on Picture Polish can be found in their web and social media pages:
Every Day Deal:
International stockists:
Instagram: @picturepolish

This year's Insta/Blogfest features an exciting collaboration with Nail Vinyls by Linda aka Teismom on Instagram. An exclusive variety pack of vinyls is being offered for sale on piCture pOlish's website. It features ‘Chevrons, Mini Chevrons, Straight & Right Angles.' More information on Nail Vinyls can be found here:
Instagram: @teismom
This year's participants each received 1 colour to swatch and 2 other colours to create a design featuring one type of Nail Vinyls. This was what I received:

The first part of of Insta/Blogfest is a swatch of a current piCture pOlish shade. I received Majesty, a sparkly rose gold.
This was developed by blogger Sahrish Adeel who wanted to create a gold polish that was different from standard gold shades. Here I used 3 thin coats with no top coat.
I love how sparkly the polish is. It is so eye-catching, feminine, and perfect for any occasion.
It has gold and pink undertones and lots of gold micro glitter.

The application was easy and took a couple of coats to become opaque but it dried fast so applying it was very easy.

For the second part of Insta/Blogfest, I had 2 bright and fun colours to use along with some right angle Nail Vinyls. I had Wisteria, a whimsical lavender creme polish and Citrus, a vibrant orange creme.
Here's how I placed the Nail Vinyls on my nails:
1. I applied a white base and topped it with a fast-drying top coat.
2. I applied the vinyls with the corners pointed toward the middle of my nail.
3. I applied Wisteria over the vinyls and quickly removed them while the purple polish was still wet.
4. I repeated the above steps with the orange polish.

For the second design, I applied the vinyls with the corners at opposite corners of the nail, forming a rectangular shape. I continued this with 2 more right angles at the top and at the bottom. I filled in the space, alternating purple and orange.
And here is my completed design!

I love how the colours contrast yet still compliment each other. They were absolutely a dream to apply because they are opaque in 1 coat which means they are perfect for Nail Vinyls! This design was simple to do with the Nail Vinyls but created such an eye-catching pattern. The Nail Vinyls are pretty much fool proof and with the combination of the perfect formula in piCture pOlish lacquers, the combinations and ideas are endless.

This is such a great collaboration and I am proud and very honored to be one of the first to get my hands on the special Nail Vinyls for piCture pOlish. This has been an amazing experience to be included in Insta/Blogfest. Please visit the link below to see the other artists participating! Thank you piCture pOlish and Nail Vinyls for this awesome opportunity! Best of luck with the launch!

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  1. Loved your take on this year's blog fest. :) Thanks for the amazing swatch of Majesty <3