Friday, August 08, 2014

Trust Fund Beauty 1st Degree Diva and Killer Heels

Hello sweethearts!

I've been on vacation all week and time seems to go faster when you're not working lol. I was able to spend some time reviewing the fall collection by Trust Fund Beauty. Trust Fund Beauty is a Canadian based company that combines fun, fashionable, and classy colours with outrageous polish names full of character and sass! Information on how you can order Trust Fund Beauty can be found on their webpage:
Today I'll be showing off 1st Degree Diva, a bubble gum pink cream polish and Killer Heels, a sparkly glitter polish.
1st Degree Diva is a pink polish, a shade darker than Do You Know Who My Father Is, which I reviewed in a previous post. It is a cooler toned pink.
It was so easy to apply, with perfect opacity in 2 coats. 
I paired it with Killer Heels, a sparkly glitter topper that is full of larger pink glitter and holographic glitter. 
Here's an out of focus picture to show you the holographic effect if the glitter. 
It's so sparkly and perfect for adding a little pizzazz to any mani!
I'm so in love with this design! The combination of pink and glitter reminds me of Barbie so I had to incorporate her somehow. The Barbie-esque silhouette was hand painted with acrylic paint.

The formulation of Trust Fund Beauty is awesome and as good, if not better, than many mainstream brands. Follow Trust Fund Beauty for more information on release dates and a first look at the rest of the fall collection!

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