Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Scratch Nail Wraps Tartanium Review

Hello loves!

Today is Random Wednesday Post Day! Lol! I have some cute nail wraps to show you from Scratch Nails.

Scratch is an LA based company that specializes in cool and funky nail wraps. They are made out of polish so have a hard finish once on your nail. More information on Scratch can be found here:

The design I'll be reviewing is called Tartanium and it is a cute red plaid print with gold accents.
Each set of nail wraps come with 16 nails, a cuticle pusher, and a small nail file.
When you open the package, you will need to separate the designs from each other. There is a thin plastic covering on one side and thicker plastic on the other side. Both will need to be removed in order to apply the design to the nail.
Once on the nail, you will use the cuticle pusher to push the wrap into the nail and to remove any excess. You will use the file to smooth the ends and remove the excess at the tips. You can then either apply a top coat or leave it as is. They don't take very long to apply and they require no drying time. Quick and super cute!
Scratch has many different designs which make having fun nail designs super easy and so eye catching! They are a great alternative to hand painting designs. Thumbs up from me!

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