Monday, October 13, 2014

LVX Fall 2014 Cerise

Happy Sunday Lovelies!

Today is the Sunday before Thanksgiving here in Canada and while my family is preparing a big dinner for tonight, I'm gonna sneak away for a bit and write this post because I couldn't wait to show you the next colour from LVX's Fall 2014 collection. LVX polishes are free of formaldehyde, toluene,  and dibutyl phalate, the more toxic chemicals sometimes found in nail polish. They are also UV resistant so won't change colour in the sun, vegan friendly so they don't contain any animal by-products, and chip resistant. 
This colour is called Cerise, which is "cherry" in French. It is a bright coral red creme. LVX polishes can be purchased here:
This polish was so easy to apply, you could get away with one coat. I used 2 for the swatch.
So vibrant and pretty!

Red is one of the more difficult colours to apply because once it bleeds onto your cuticles, it ruins the entire look. With the awesome LVX brush, application is easy and the creamy formula allows the polish to stay exactly where you put it.
Because Cerise is such a cute cherry red, I added some nail art featuring a pair of sexy lips eating a cherry. Hot!
Totally sexy right??

LVX polishes are high quality, long lasting, and have impeccable formulation. Visit their website for more details on ordering!

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