Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rainbow Honey Summer Mixtape Waves

Hello lovebugs!

In the recent package I received from Rainbow Honey, I got a sneak peek at the Summer Mixtape collection. I have 3 colours from the 12 colour collection to show you and they are awesome!  

The ones I'll be showing you are: Lanterns, Fall In Love, and Waves.

The first I'll share is Waves, a turquoise green sparkly polish with gold shimmer.
Here is one coat of the beauty
And now 2 coats:
And finally 3 coats:
It's so metallic and unique with the gold shimmer! Because it reminds me of the ocean with it's name and colour, I painted some fish scales/mermaid scales on top.
Rainbow Honey won me over with last year's Summer of 199X collection and this year's Summer Mixtape is another winner. The colours are bright and the glitter bombs are unique and sparkly! Information on how to purchase your Summer Mixtape can be found on their website!

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