Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Happy Canada Day Maple Leaf Tutorial

Hello lovies!!

It's Canada Day here in the Great White North and I thought it'd be fitting to post a tutorial/pictorial on how to paint a maple leaf.

Now let me start by saying that the maple leaf is pretty difficult to do because it is a symmetrical shape with many little corners. I tried to come up with a technique that was relatively simple but still effective.

For this tutorial, I used red acrylic paint over white polish but I think this could be done with nail polish also.

Here's the pictorial with each step numbered:
1. Start with 3 sets of dots of 3 to represent the points of the leaves.
2. Paint one longer line coming out of the top point and connect the other 2 dots to that line, forming an arrow 
3. Repeat the arrow step with the other 2 sets of dots
4. Paint a line beneath the arrows
5. Add a small line to the line from step 4 for the stem
6. Start filling in the space between the arrows
7. Start shaping the remaining parts of the leaf
8. Go over the arrows so that the lines make up the corners of the maple leaf
9. Done! Fix up any spaces that look misshaped with some of the background colour (so in my case, I'd go over areas I wasn't happy with with white). Repeat for more leaves or go over the design with a top coat.

Here's the completed mani!

You can use these steps to paint a Canadian flag also like I did here:
Hope you give it a try! Happy Canada Day! ❤️🍁❤️

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