Monday, June 23, 2014

Water Marble Tips

Hey hey!

I promised to do a post with some tips on water marbling so here it is!

Water marbling is a technique that uses regular water and nail polish. You can create marble like patterns from the spreading of the polish on the water's surface.

Items you'll need:
1. Water - I use regular slightly warm tap water. I have seen other tutorials use distilled water and bottled water but I have been able to do it with tap water. If the water is too cold, the polish will set too quickly. If it is too warm, the polish may not spread out.
2. A cup - I used an old shot glass. It's the perfect size for doing one finger at a time. 
3. Newer polishes that are runny - older polishes that have become gloopy may not spread out when dropped into the water. Also, try not to use fast drying polishes because they will also set on the surface quickly.
4. A needle or a toothpick - a needle will give you more precise dragging patterns 
5. Tape - applying tape around your finger and nail bed will help reduce the cleanup of excess polish on your finger
6. Paper towels - to absorb the excess water when you remove your finger from the water
7. Scissors - to cut the tape off your finger when you are finished 
8. Nail polish remover and cotton buds for cleaning up the sides

Here are some pictures from the Instagram video tutorial I posted:
Drop one drop of colour at a time.
You can tap the container or table to help the polishes spread out.
Repeat the pattern of colours a couple of times.
Use the needle to drag the polish from the middle to the top.
Then drag to the bottom
Then drag to the sides
Dip your nail into the pattern that you like.
Use the needle to pull the rest of the excess polish to the side and remove. Remove your finger slowly and dry off excess water with paper towel. Cut the tape off with the scissors.
Use a cotton bud dipped in polish remover to cleanup the sides.
Here's my final product:
Hope these tips help you! It takes a couple of tries to get it right, but you'll become addicted and won't stop until you get the perfect design.

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