Sunday, April 27, 2014

Serum No. 5 Glowin of Eden, Lavendaringly Bright, Blue Blazes

Happy Sunday Funday!

Some of my favourite polishes to use are creme pastels. They are usually opaque in 1 coat and light in colour. I have a few from Serum No. 5's SS14 collection to show you today. The first part of the collection is full of fun pastel glow in the dark polishes and a black, gray, and white. More information on Serum No. 5 can be found here:

The ones I have to show you today are Glowin of Eden (green), Lavendaringly Bright (lavender), and Blue Blazes (blue).

First one up is Glowin of Eden, a bright mint green that glows green in the dark.
With these glow in the dark polishes, I found the formula to be a little thick and a bit streaky so a trick I used is I applied 1 layer of a base white polish first then applied the coloured polish. With this trick, I only needed 2 light layers. You can still achieve a full, opaque, streak-free mani by applying 3-4 light layers of the polish by itself. 
It has a slightly matte finish so I applied a top coat to make it shiny. Here is the glow shot (I have Serum No. 5 Sky Lights on my ring and thumb):
I charged my nails (put polish under a light source so it absorbs light) under a UV light for 20 seconds and was able to achieve this bright glow. You can also charge them under regular light and sunlight.

Next up is Lavendaringly Bright, a lavender purple pastel that glows bright violet purple in the dark.
Like the mint green polish, this one needed a base of white to avoid having to apply several layers of polish. Here I used a white base and 2 layers of purple polish. This one was a bit textured when it dried but this was smoothed out with a top coat.
I combined Glowin of Eden with it in this design.
Here is the glow shot which I took after charging the polish for 20 seconds. The purple turns ultraviolet in the dark. Very cool!

And the last polish I have to show you is Blue Blazes, a Sky blue creme that glows blue in the dark.
Here it is with a white base and 2 layers of blue polish:
I didn't apply a top coat here. It is a very pretty blue.
And here is the glow shot. It's so blue!!
Of the 3 that I have, Blue Blazes is my favourite because of the bright glow and easy application.

Serum No. 5 is an independent brand created by Victoria Dao. She is best known for her glow in the dark polishes but she also makes cute glitter and holographic polishes. She will be releasing part 2 of SS14 soon and I have heard that they will be neon glow in the dark polishes! How fun!

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