Saturday, March 01, 2014

LVX 3 in 1 Treatment Review

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With the weather outside still being utterly frightful, my nails have also suffered. The cold air outside and dry heat when I'm inside have caused my nails to also dry out and become more susceptible to breaking. I often experience "flaking" where thin layers of my nail will come off, especially at the tip, causing them to chip and break. I've come a long way though because of my constant use of Nailtiques Formula 2, but I'm still on the search for the best product to promote growth and strengthen.

Recently on Instagram, I spotted LVX's 3 in 1 Treatment, which is promoted as a strengthener, base coat, and top coat all in one. The LVX brand is one of my absolute favourites, which I've showcased in previous posts. They are non-toxic (5-free) and do not contain Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, DBP, or Camphor, which are the more toxic chemicals that can be found in nail polish. They are also vegan (does not contain any animal by products) and cruelty-free (does not test on animals). LVX products can be found here!

The 3 in 1 Treatment contains a herb called horsetail, which contains healing nutrients, and silica which promotes growth and strengthens the nail. If you have weak, dry, brittle nails, you can try the 2-week treatment where you apply the 3 in 1 to your naked nails initially and continue to apply 2-3 times a week for 2 weeks without any polish. I've done a similar treatment when I was testing out Nailtiques. I'll be trying this on my right hand which is often the one that experiences the most breakage and flaking.

Here's how my nails look after the first couple of days:

My poor right hand is so neglected and beat up. I have try to take care of it better.

I'll keep you guys updated on the progress!

The second use of this 3 in 1 is as a Base Coat. It primes the nail and allows for the polish to adhere better and prevent it from staining your natural nail. Again, because LVX products are non-toxic, this base coat will protect your natural nail while also not subjecting it to any harsh chemicals.

The third use is as a Top Coat. Once you've applied your colour polish, you can use this to maximize the shine and increase the wearability of your manicure.

I'm very excited about this product because of the fact that it is a strengthener, base coat, and top coat all in one while also being non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty free. The price point ($18USD a bottle) is similar to other products on the market (OPI Nail Envy $19-$21, Nailtiques $18-$22) but I believe this one gives you a real bang for your buck while also being very high quality and non-toxic. 

Visit LVX's webpage at for more information on how to purchase and to see their beautiful polishes! 

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