Friday, March 28, 2014

Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil

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Spring has finally sprung and we can finally start peeling away the layers. The cold winter air and dry heat from the furnace has dried out my cuticles and my nails tremendously. My nails when they lack hydration, they tend to peel and break easily. I've tried different types of cuticle oil and creams and have had some success with them but the oil that I have doesn't absorb well in my skin and leaves my hands very oily after applying it.

I received a sample of Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil to try out and it couldn't have come at a better time! I suffered a break last week so I have short nails right now but I have read that when nails are well hydrated they don't break as easily because they will be flexible and can withstand pressure. More info on Bliss Kiss products can be found here!

Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil contains jojoba oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, fragrances, vitamins A and E, and tea tree oil. It is light and not as viscous as straight olive oil. The one I received has a nice sweet flowery scent which is not overpowering. The pen applicator is quite handy and makes application easy and quick.

Pure Nail Oil has a 3-day challenge where users are encouraged to apply the oil often for 3 days to help rehydrate the nails. You'll receive full instructions with the oil but basically you apply the oil to your entire nail, cuticle, free edge and underside of nail and massage the oil into the nail and cuticles. You'll continue to massage the oil into your nail several times until the nail is no longer shiny. Then you will apply some more and repeat. For the first application, if your hands and nails are like my dry nails, it will absorb the oil very quickly and you'll be applying and reapplying several times in the first hour. 

Here's how my nails look on the first day:
I suffered a break on my middle finger before trying the oil and I had to trim down my other nails. :(

My right hand has especially suffered during the winter and my cuticles have been peeling like crazy. I noticed a big difference the moment I applied the oil to my right hand. The oil was absorbed very quickly and I had to reapply on my right hand more frequently.
Here's a close up on my peeling nails on my right hand:

The next day, I continued the process throughout the day. The pen applicator is a convenient travel size so it allows you to bring it with you and makes applying the oil very easy. I was oiling my nails and cuticles through the day with extra treatment after washing my hands.

Here are my nails on the second day. You will notice that they are a little shorter because I filed them down a little to shape them.

And my right hand:
You can see that the skin around my nail has smoothed out and there aren't any loose, broken skin pieces. 

On day 3, I woke up to smooth cuticles that didn't have any loose hangnails.
Here are my day 3 pictures:
My right hand experienced the most change because it used to be plagued with dry cuticles.
Here's a close up of my right hand 

I especially noticed the change when I went outdoors because normally, the moment the cold air touches my hands, the skin starts to tighten and the cuticles crack. It didn't happen when I went out today which tells me that they are well hydrated.

Here's a comparison photo of my left hand:
And here's my right hand:
Overall I did see a difference in my nails and cuticles after the 3-day intensive treatment. I was applying the oil quite frequently which may explain the difference. Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil though is all natural, pleasant smelling, and easy to apply. It's not as oily as other brands of cuticle oil I have tried and absorbs into the skin well. I recommend giving this product a try.

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