Sunday, February 02, 2014

Rainbow Honey Summer of 199X

Happy Sunday loves!

Today I have a couple of pretty polishes from Rainbow Honey's Summer of 199X collection to show you. Though I wish it was summer right now, these funky polishes put me in that summertime mood, working on the tan, drinking a mojito or refreshing watermelon slushy, in the hot, hot sun!

The Summer of 199X collection was released in 2013 and featured 10 bright and fun polishes that were every colour of the rainbow. One set featured 5 tinted polishes filled with glitter and the other set featured 3 creme polishes with 2 cute glitter toppers. Today I'll be showcasing one of the tinted glitter bombs and one of the glitter toppers.
These polishes can be purchased at Rainbow Honey
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First up is The Kraken, a sparkly teal polish filled lots of teal and gold holographic hex and micro glitter. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this polish was tinted teal. When the collection was first released, I thought that this set was all microglitter in a clear base. 

This polish was easy to apply, there was no fishing for glitter. 
Here I did 2 coats over a mint green polish on the middle finger and 1 coat over a blue polish on the pinky.
The polish is slightly more green than in my photos. For some reason my phone camera doesn't like to photograph green. 
You can see all the different glitters that are in this polish. They provide added dimension and look like magical sea serpent scales which this polish is named after.

When applying it on its own, you can achieve full opacity in 2 coats as I did here. As there are many glitter pieces in the polish, I'd recommend letting each layer of polish dry before applying the next coat. This will prevent the glitters from clumping up and getting moved to the end of the nail with each brush stroke. It dries fairly quickly and has a shiny finish.

Next up is Magic Cake, a funky neon glitter topper with neon pink, green, and blue hex and square glitter.
This fun glitter topper looks great over many colours, especially black because it allows all of the neon micro glitter to be seen as well.
Here I did 1 coat over black.
What makes Magic Cake even more magical is the glitters glow under black light/UV light.
How cool is that??? So bright and funky!

Rainbow Honey polishes are free of toluene, formaldehyde, and DHP, the more toxic chemicals normally found in nail polish. They are all hand-crafted and hand-designed. 

Their polishes can be purchased in full size (15mL) or mini size (5mL). From now until March 31, 2014, you can apply the code: ILOVENAILBLOGS at check out to receive $5 off your purchase!

One other unique thing about Rainbow Honey is they have a limited edition polish each month which you receive for free with any purchase over $50. The limited edition polishes are usually very pretty and have unique glitter or shimmer that they don't normally have in their polishes. And! They offer FREE shipping with any orders over $50 within Canada and the US. Free shipping and a free limited edition polish??? Unheard of!

So hop on over to to see more of their super cute polishes and use that discount code!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone!


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