Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Serum No 5 Sky Lights Review

Hello lovelies!
Received my order from Serum No 5 today and I'm so glad I took advantage of the sale. I picked up mini bottles of Barely There, Lei Down The Law, and Sky Lights. First impression is the minis are very decent sized bottles. I've had some minis in the past which were so small, I regretted buying them. Not the case here. These bottles contain 9mL of polish which is enough for several manicures.

The first one I tried out was Sky Lights. It is a glow in the dark jelly off-white topper with a yellowish tinge. It has light blue shimmer and applies so well. The brush is fantastic. I applied it over Rainbow Honey's Tessie, a lavender polish from their Summer of 199X collection. It also has blue shimmer in it so the Sky Lights complimented it so well.
It dries with a matte finish and is a little bit rough. This doesn't bother me because I like textured polishes. It dried quite quickly to allow another layer to be applied. The more layers, the brighter, more opaque the glow effect will be.
The glow in the dark effect is fantastic. You can "charge" the polish by putting it under bright light for a few minutes. The glow is a cool blue colour. It is so bright and visible in the dark.
I will be adding a design to my nails tomorrow but I just wanted to share this with you first so you could see what the polish looks like on its own.
I highly recommend it as a topper to make any manicure glow in the dark. It is light enough not disguise the colour of the manicure you have. The shimmer also adds a beautiful effect. 

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