Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Laneige Water Bank Serum

Hello gorgeous!

Your skin is one of your most important features because it can be very indicative of your health and hygiene. If you take care of your skin, you will appear younger, healthier and more vibrant. I'm always on the hunt for good skin care products and recently, a new brand of skin care was launched at Sephora. Laneige is a skin care company that makes a wide range of products. I received a sample of Laneige's Water Bank Serum as a part of Influenster's latest Canadian vox box.

Laneige is a company that made its start in Asia and is finally being brought to the North America market. Using the power of mineral water, Laneige skin care products have many healing qualities and  hydrating properties. 

From Laneige's website: Laneige has moisture

-recharging magnesium. Cell metabolism boosting manganese. 

Cell-renewing zinc. Moisture-locking ceramide. Collagen restoring



The Water Bank Serum is enriching and very hydrating. It can be applied all over a freshly washed face. It contains hydro ionized mineral water and penetrates deep into your pores to make skin look and feel more supple. 

Just before I received this serum, I had experienced a skin reaction to another product and my skin was left very dry and irritated. I tested the serum on my inner wrist and neck and did not have a reaction to it so I tried it on my face. Within a day, my skin was fully hydrated and the dry patch was gone. 

I'm very impressed with this product from Laneige. It is cooling, hydrating, has a fresh light scent, and is not harsh. 

Laneige products are now available at Sephora stores in Canada as well as online. Visit www.sephora.ca and www.us.laneige.com more info!

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