Saturday, September 06, 2014

Born Pretty Store stamping plate

Happy Saturday folks!

Today I wanted to share some info on a beauty supply website which offers everything you need to primp up your hair, nails, face, whatever! 

The Born Pretty Store offers products like nail polish, nail art water decals, rhinestones, and stamping plates. Here is their website: They also have makeup and hair accessories. The site is easy to use and shipping is pretty quick, considering it is coming from overseas.
Here are some of the categories you can shop under on the website:

I often get asked where people can purchase nail art tools like brushes and dotting tools, and the Born Pretty Store offers many different types.
As you can see at the top of the picture, they offer free shipping worldwide!

I received some items to review, a couple of image stamping plates and a wheel of neon studs.
They have many different stamping plates to choose from with lots of cute and fun designs. They range in price from $0.99 to $38.06 for very large plates. 
The ones I have to review are plate D18 and QA91.
D18 has images like abstract shapes, hot peppers, and puzzle pieces.
The design I did with this plate was the abstract shapes and I tried it using the advanced stamping technique.
1. Clean stamping plate so that there is no residual polish on it if you've used it before
2. Apply black polish over entire image
3. Scrap off excess polish with stamp scraper and press rubber stamper down on image
4. Fill in shapes with coloured polishes and let dry
5. Apply a clear top coat over the entire image with coloured in spaces. Let dry completely. Remove the dried decal with tweezers by carefully pushing down the stamper. The image should come off easily if it is dry.
6. Apply a top cop over your painted nail
7. Apply the decal to your nail
8. Carefully press down the excess polish to remove it and shape it to your nail
9. Apply a top coat over your nail. Done!
Here's my completed design:
I also added a few of the neon blue star studs from the Born Pretty Store. So bright and funky! Love it!

For the second stamping plate, QA91, I used with the regular stamping technique.
Cute, perfect chevrons in one easy step! No tape or hassle. I LOVE this mani!

With a one-stop-shop for everything you need to make your nails look amazing, the Born Pretty Store's website is easy to use and provides good quality product for discounted prices. And for an even better reason to visit their site, they have provided a discount code for 10% off your purchase. Use SHAG10 at checkout to get an additional 10% off your entire purchase!

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